It’s a thing for 2018 – these Instagram Story Highlights.

And while many of you are okay with the occasional highlighting of your trips and food on your Instagram stories, some of us are just way too structured to organize our own covers for all these highlights, as if the label itself is not enough. *raises hand and pleads guilty*

There are also those who are more than willing to pay $10 or more for a customized one, and in that regard, I am not one of them.

Say it’s frugality at its finest as you please, but I am more on the thrifty side (or at least recently), and will opt to do things my way if I know I can.

With all these in mind, I have put up some easy steps you can follow to create your own Instagram Story Highlights Cover, based on how I created mine.

How To Create Instagram Story Highlights Cover

First off, I went to my trusty old Canva account which is my go-to application whenever in need of anything creative online, and where I do most of my “Graphic Design” if I am giving it justice to call it that, or if I can deem it as a skill of mine, at all.

You may also use PicMonkey, Photoshop, and what have you – but they’re just way too out of my league, as Canva is very user-friendly. And when I say ‘very’, I mean I am too technically challenged to bother doing it elsewhere, and also, that I am dumb. #TechnoMoron

In Canva, you can choose which type of design (or size) it is. As for me, I opted for Social Graphic which is 800×800.

At this point, I don’t think they have anything set up for the Instagram Story Highlights Covers – yet.

And in my opinion, there aren’t too many people who will actually give a damn about it.

Just a few of us, surely. Including you, that’s why you’re here! Hahaha!

After choosing your desired size, you can click on Elements on the tabs on the left hand-side, and then Grid, then click the first plain picture without partitions.

Once you see the Grass-Sky-Cloud on your design area, you are ready to choose a Background. Click on it on the tabs again, and you will see that there are several free and paid versions, as well as just a plain color of your choice.

Next, it will depend on you on how you would like the covers to be. Do you like them worded out? Do you prefer icons?

Select Text and pick the size you prefer among the three given. Once you do, it will then be brought over to your work area, and from there you can customize its font style, font size, and font color. With mine, I used a feminine font that’s easy to read.

If you wanted icons on the other hand, go back to Elements and click Shapes this time. Now you can scroll over or search for your desired shape, to represent your highlights.

(Remember, this will automatically be seen in the façade of your Instagram profile, so make sure to adjust them to the same sizes, so the look and feel of your profile is on point!)

Once done, you can now rename your image by clicking on the Design Title, and Download them as JPG.

You may now either save them on DropBox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage platforms, so you can access it on your phone.

How To Add Instagram Story Highlights Covers

There are two ways you can add these newly created Instagram Story Highlights Covers into your profile.

  • Upload them as normal Instagram Stories and you will be given a chance to highlight them using the heart-shaped Highlight button found below your Instagram story, add it to + New and then change its label as desired.
  • Or directly hit the + New button, and add them there.

Once they are all set, you can also Edit Cover to align all of them for a pretty sync and finish!

I hope I was able to help you through these simple steps. Show me how your design went!





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