Obviously, I am already back to the Social Media game.

But there were certain points in my life where I decided to quit it.

And you may ask, why don’t you just literally take a break altogether and leave your Social Media profiles on?

I thought about that too. And in a horrendous amount of time, at that.

Yet I can’t. I have to delete them in totality. Knowing that they exist, will only have me access them back no matter what.

2013 was when I quit Social Media.

I seriously shut most of my communication lines down.

But from time to time, I do say hi. Here and there, I would create dummy accounts just to see how things are, and because I miss my family and friends.

If you were one of the people I’d like to get news from, I am sure you have experienced getting a follow from me on a dummy account every now and then, which I fully delete as well afterwards.

January 1, 2018 was when I created my official Social Media profiles again.

But why did I quit for four (4) years? Here are my reasons why.

I don’t feel obligated to like or post.

Usually, I get this feeling of being obligated to react on a certain post just because a certain person (usually someone close or significant) posted them. It’s courtesy of some sort.

In the same way how a friendship ends when you unfriend each other on Social Media.

Weird, isn’t it?

It’s just Social Media anyway, and shouldn’t affect your relationships in real life. Apparently it is the thing these days.

And it is, by all means, sad.

But going back, I decided I didn’t want to be a slave of likes, comments, reactions, and shares, whether it is my post or another’s.

It allowed me to use time more efficiently than uselessly scrolling in Social Media.

You see, we only have 24 hours in a day, and it is really up to us how we’re going to use it. I used to play MMORPGs aside from having games on my phone.

And I realized, there are a lot of other things that require my time other than seeing where this celebrity went, or what’s in and hot, and which restaurant is worth visiting.

I needed to get a grip of my life back.

I focused on:

Personality Development – Hygiene, Skin Care, Language, Work Out Routine, Healthy Food Intake

Family & Friends – I try my hardest to spend more time with my family and friends on a personal level and not just keeping in touch by tapping my keyboard or my phone screen.

Work – I found I can concentrate better the more I achieve things which I couldn’t do when I have other things cluttering my mind.

Vice – My only vice nowadays is Korean Dramas, but I often give it justice by telling myself I get to learn the language as I go.

I am not forced to go somewhere, or do something just so I can post them on Social Media.

You know that feeling, yeah? I know that feeling all too well.

Sometimes we do things not because we are used to it, or are comfortable with the lifestyle, but just because we kind of want to brag, or show how we’re living our lives better than the others.

You know how you’d buy something, or go somewhere just because you want to post them on Social Media? Or you shop and eat these type of things, because, they’re trending and viral? Yet deep within you, you know you care less about it?

I am guilty of this.

But I try not to do so, anymore, as much as possible.

I don’t want to create a make-believe life that’s good on the outside and rotten on the inside. I’d rather work my way inside out.

And so I quit, and reflected.

No notifications every now and then.

No distractions.

In pursuit of my personal goals, it was very helpful not to get notifications from time to time that Social Media is very generous about.

If people had to contact me, they can either email me or text me. But it doesn’t happen ever so often – which is good. It allowed me to focus more on what I should and wanted to focus on.

It gives me peace of mind.

Needless to say, after all the reasons I said above, giving Social Media a break gives you clarity. Our worlds shouldn’t revolve around Social Media. So we shouldn’t let our real lives be wrapped around it.

Since I have gotten back, here are the points I made sure of, so as to prevent what I initially intended to get away from.

  • I use Social Media in moderation.
  • If I do not have a special need to, I do not keep the application on my phone.
  • All notifications are turned off.
  • I access them on my PC, more often than not.

Did you, at some point, felt like you should be quitting or taking a break from your Social Media profiles?

Hopefully this helps and works out for you!










Regardless of space, of culture, and even that of time,

Of faith, of distance, or of emotions being portrayed,

Beliefs, of differences, of whatever else could rhyme,

Expressions, and of which ones could only leave us swayed.

Remember you, I will. Then, today, and in your years of prime.

Time blew fast, yet, hi, my little cleaning buddy from fourth grade.


Long-winded this must be, I know. But let’s elaborate for once, while we’re at that.

And it won’t be easy to spurt out words that I, for long, have kept in memory.

Not easy to forget how you call my name, or your face, hair disheveled and flat,

Crinkly nose, giggly smile, hands tucked behind – to mention a little summary.

Excitedly running towards me, a towel dangling from your back – I admit it’s such a sight to look at.


Vivid memories sprouting here and there, that it’s kind of overwhelming.

I was biking around the subdivisions once, at sixth grade, while completing a project.

Lazy afternoon, after two years of no contact with you, I ran by your house – hoping.

Lola shook her head and said you weren’t home. Crushed, I gave her a fake smile out of respect.

Ended the thoughts of getting a glimpse of you again before finally leaving Las Piñas that year.

Gee, after a few years you ended up pursuing me. I don’t remember how you found me, or why.

Although I am glad you did. How your voice has changed. But it’s as though it’s music I hear.

Spent so much just to get on a call with me, I figured. Yet in the end, we chose to both bid goodbye.


Appearing to your life from time to time is probably something I will apologize for in advance.

Reaching out, I would never dare. Don’t fret. We’ve both buried the hatchet. And for that, I’m content.

As smart as you hoped I would be – apparently, I will never become. But at least this, I know for once.

Forever by your side, I will quietly be watching. Doesn’t that sound familiar, like the song you sent?

Of all the things I ever want to say, I guess it all boils down to one. Thank you for being born, Lance.

Love’s love. And we’re this and that. I wish you all the best, no matter how we are all twisted and bent.


Happy 30th birthday! Rooting for you and your success! Cheers! 🥂



Update: October 20, 2019

Akala ko ba “See you in our forties?” I was 30 days late to find out. I apologize. Rest well. 😔