Regardless of space, of culture, and even that of time,

Of faith, of distance, or of emotions being portrayed,

Beliefs, of differences, of whatever else could rhyme,

Expressions, and of which ones could only leave us swayed.

Remember you, I will. Then, today, and in your years of prime.

Time blew fast, yet, hi, my little cleaning buddy from fourth grade.


Long-winded this must be, I know. But let’s elaborate for once, while we’re at that.

And it won’t be easy to spurt out words that I, for long, have kept in memory.

Not easy to forget how you call my name, or your face, hair disheveled and flat,

Crinkly nose, giggly smile, hands tucked behind – to mention a little summary.

Excitedly running towards me, a towel dangling from your back – I admit it’s such a sight to look at.


Vivid memories sprouting here and there, that it’s kind of overwhelming.

I was biking around the subdivisions once, at sixth grade, while completing a project.

Lazy afternoon, after two years of no contact with you, I ran by your house – hoping.

Lola shook her head and said you weren’t home. Crushed, I gave her a fake smile out of respect.

Ended the thoughts of getting a glimpse of you again before finally leaving Las Piñas that year.

Gee, after a few years you ended up pursuing me. I don’t remember how you found me, or why.

Although I am glad you did. How your voice has changed. But it’s as though it’s music I hear.

Spent so much just to get on a call with me, I figured. Yet in the end, we chose to both bid goodbye.


Appearing to your life from time to time is probably something I will apologize for in advance.

Reaching out, I would never dare. Don’t fret. We’ve both buried the hatchet. And for that, I’m content.

As smart as you hoped I would be – apparently, I will never become. But at least this, I know for once.

Forever by your side, I will quietly be watching. Doesn’t that sound familiar, like the song you sent?

Of all the things I ever want to say, I guess it all boils down to one. Thank you for being born, Lance.

Love’s love. And we’re this and that. I wish you all the best, no matter how we are all twisted and bent.


Happy 30th birthday! Rooting for you and your success! Cheers! 🥂



Update: October 20, 2019

Akala ko ba “See you in our forties?” I was 30 days late to find out. I apologize. Rest well. 😔




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