music machine peakboy portrait
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Music Machine – FaeFlutterby (Raw Guide)

이들은 선물이다. 💝

Title: Music Machine

Lyrics: FaeFlutterby

Guitar: FaeFlutterby

Portrait Artwork: FaeFlutterby

 너는 너의 이름을 여기서 찾을수 있다.



Know I’m here with you awake until dawn

Wine bottle at hand in front of your lawn

Onto the hallway we’ll walk the lime light

Nothing can stop what will blossom tonight


Same as the old rhymes we wrote every word

Under the night sky we’ll try to record

Need you to play all these black and white keys

Guitar strings are strummed by how much I please


Humming the melody like there’s no air

With your clear glasses and black velvet hair

As your voice echoes, I listen along

Now I know why I put you in this song


Please tell me that you’ll cut to the chase

End this torment, fill up this empty space

All it will take is just your embrace

Keep me going in so many ways

Barefoot we will dance by the fireplace

Only you can make this heartbeat race

Your love is my saving grace



(A Name Poetry)

My mind paints a scene.
A rather lovely one.
Reveries are its companions;
Lying on top of the hill of Utopia, you’re
Awed with the stars gleaming with life.

Ran you go, danced to and fro and swished!
Over the shadows of sham smiles you hid,
Wishing he’d come back and fetch you soon.
Even the night is as unstable as you.
Neither I – a leaf, rustles unknowingly.
An ambiance of the most uncertain silence.

Psyche? Oh!” “You saw her again or nay?”
Envy? Is that what we feel for her? Oh well!
Runes say she is most loved by Eros.”
Every time our conversation would go this way, I would
Zoom my eyes for the near setting of the sun.

Lament of the unholy! Lament of mine!
A hundred miles had separate!
Solely now, what is yet to come?
Tingling wind chimes as the wind blew,
Reward my frivolous mind with fright.
Over, it is. I can never see you no more.
Lest that we had foreseen it’s the end zone, but it’s…
Late. Too late, yes. And now it’s for
Oblivion to bury us in its depth.

Dear Dude,

Honestly, there’s a whole bunch of things for me to say but I’d rather keep it sweet. My head is also pounding at the moment, but I thought, in the years we’ve been together, I never really took the effort to greet you on time.

So, here it is.

I know this is a recycled birthday gift from way back when (January 2006), but I guess I never have really put you in the spotlight that you deserve.

So again, here it is.

If you’ll notice, I have included everything I thought you liked in this little poem. Or at least things that you liked back then.

So yet again, here it is.

Another thing to note is how in this picture, if you zoom in, I wasn’t really looking at the camera. I was looking at the person who has always been there for me since circa ’00.

So finally, here it is.

HAHAHA! Just messin’ with ya! HKNUDXNT!

Happy birthday, Dude! You are loved. Cheers!🥂