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Music Machine – FaeFlutterby (Raw Guide)

이들은 선물이다. 💝

Title: Music Machine

Lyrics: FaeFlutterby

Guitar: FaeFlutterby

Portrait Artwork: FaeFlutterby

 너는 너의 이름을 여기서 찾을수 있다.



Know I’m here with you awake until dawn

Wine bottle at hand in front of your lawn

Onto the hallway we’ll walk in dim light

Nothing can stop what will blossom tonight



Same as the old rhymes we wrote every word

Under the night sky we’ll try to record

Need you to play all these black and white keys

Guitar strings are strummed by how much I please



Humming the melody like there’s no air

With your clear glasses and black velvet hair

As your voice echoes, I listen along

Now I know why I put you in this song



Please tell me that you’ll cut to the chase

End this torment, fill up this empty space

All it will take is just your embrace

Keep me going in so many ways

Barefoot we will dance by the fireplace

Only you can make this heartbeat race

Your love is my saving grace



All the gimmicks in the lyrics are terrific. Don’t go hysteric.

I’m a frantic. Lunatic. Ecstatic. But this you can’t mimic.

Let me tell you that no matter what you do, don’t be so coy. Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

You bet I’m not somebody you can play or toy. Not from Illinois. So just enjoy!

For a few, you can bring your crew, enjoy the view, and feel anew.

But with you, all I ever wanna do  is maybe tie your shoe, and stay when blue.

And today, all I ever wanna say, is yes it’s you, I hope and pray.

Now don’t be grey. Hey, it’s Fae! We’ll find a way, so come and play!

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