It’s April Fools. A self-healing journey? Who am I kidding?

I know that at one point, I am going to have to address this, and it looks like the time is today.

There have been so much hurt that have been inflicted to me, and I wouldn’t deny the fact that I have for sure inflicted hurt on other people too.

But this should not be stopping me from forgiving myself, or the people who have done me wrong.

I am human and I am not perfect.

Everybody tries to become better in their own little way. Everyone tries to heal in their own little way. Someway. Somehow.

It seems that this day, should start today.

We die a little as each day is given. We get closer and closer to the time when we have to lay six feet below the ground.

I want to embark on a journey where I heal myself – physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

My methods are fallible – I wouldn’t be so sure if they are effective or not, but I can only try.

I’d like to give hatred a rest.

I’d like to forgive myself and forgive the others.

I want to keep my peace.

And I will try my hardest.


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