I have put some really good thought as to who I am considering as ‘The Ideal’ (as I’d like to fondly call it), when it comes to someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

As they say, it really matters who and what kind of person you’re going to be bringing into your life as it will affect where your life will be steered.

I felt that it was this essential, that I even put on an entire list at the top of my head, which I recently have rummaged not too long ago, from years back.

Here they are:

  • Someone who puts God in the center of our relationship – thus has to have a good faith.
  • Someone who can bring me closer to God.
  • Someone who can stimulate my thoughts through meaningful conversations. To me, intelligence is sexier than anything else.
  • Someone who knows how to get around my temper and attitude.
  • Someone who knows how to drive a relationship and a family.
  • Someone genuine – because I can easily smell fakery.
  • Someone who makes commitments and follows through.
  • Someone who isn’t easily swayed by decisions this very person makes.
  • Someone who makes great decisions.
  • Someone who constantly makes sure my needs are being met.
  • Someone who doesn’t just shove my ideas and words in a corner, leaving them purposely unattended.
  • Someone faithful and has integrity.
  • Someone who is fit.
  • Someone who has discipline.
  • Someone who is strong-willed and a go-getter.
  • Someone whom I can learn from – by that, this person has to have experienced life – no matter what age, and by then can definitely share insights on things.
  • Someone who has proper etiquette – especially when outside.
  • Someone who is morally upright.
  • Someone who is nice to show off to people that being with this person already makes me proud. This is just a bonus. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone attractive?
  • Someone who shares the same outlook as I do in life.
  • Someone who thoroughly understands.
  • Someone genuinely kind from the beginning.
  • Someone with a great sense of humour where I don’t have to force myself to laugh or smile.
  • Someone mature.
  • Someone who knows what the boundaries are.
  • Someone who acknowledges respect.
  • Someone who makes me feel heard and understood.
  • Someone who does without being told.
  • Someone who knows an exact desired life and has a sturdy plan to walk by it.
  • Someone who has ambition.
  • Someone who makes me a better person / woman.
  • Someone who doesn’t leave me hanging.
  • Someone who is confident.
  • Someone who is charismatic.
  • Someone who is a good listener.
  • Someone who is affectionate but knows the right time and moment to be. I personally dislike over clinginess.
  • Someone who will help me reach for my dreams.
  • Someone who is creative with surprises.
  • Someone I can take home to show to my parents.
  • Someone my parents would be proud of.
  • Someone who can treat my parents good – if better than I do, better.
  • Someone who gets along well with the little kids at home, and thus good with children in general, yet knows how to earn their respect. And not just depends on their kindness.
  • Someone who won’t cease to date me, and cater to me, even if we already are just like a family in the long run, therefore has to be romantic.
  • Someone who is calm.
  • Someone who is a good communicator.
  • Someone whom I can fully trust 100%.
  • Someone who connects with me. To me, having great connection is important as it is rare.
  • Someone who knows how to compromise.
  • Someone who knows how to love themself as well.
  • Someone who can inspire me to do better.
  • Someone who reads books.
  • Someone who has great taste in music.
  • Someone who knows how to play and make music. This is just a bonus. But it would be nice to be sang to when I’m old and feeble and can’t do much.
  • Someone silly. It would be nice to have someone to dance along with as you both do household chores or other things else.
  • Someone who doesn’t drink.
  • Someone who doesn’t smoke.
  • Someone who doesn’t do drugs.
  • Someone whose heart has a place for one pet or another.
  • Someone who knows how to drive.
  • Someone who can and will try to cook.
  • Someone who will willingly help with chores, just because.
  • Someone who would never give up on me.
  • Someone who would see the future with me in it.

And then it all rounds up and ends with how I can become this very person I want. And by then, I can bet you, I will be able to find ‘The Ideal.’ *wink*


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