“You have to be able to give up.”

I am a person who tries, and tries hard until I am left with no option. In most situations, depending on how much I badly want something, I always make it a point to exhaust all my resources, and then afterwards, I’ll see if I can work a way around it. You get what I mean, I am a go-getter.

But I have learned that at one point, I need to be able to throw in the towel at the right moments.

It’s a hard lesson for me to ever stipulate in my being.

People will abuse you – in no ways you ever expected. And you have to be able to say no.

It’s for your sanity.

So once in every while, I have learned to make a decision to say no, to give up, to stop hoping, and to throw in the towel. Because change is the only ever constant thing.

Dreams change. People change. Ideas change. Circumstances change. Feelings change.

So don’t be too hard on yourself and throw in the towel if you need to. Sometimes, you have to let go of things, to gain something better.

And sometimes, the best way is just to give up. Gauge wisely.


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