DISCLAIMER: This is an honest review. Fae Flutterby is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Janelle’s Baked Goodies. Thank you!


I rarely claim anything at all, ever in my life. More so, if it has to do with sweets.

The mere fact that I am blogging this, means I really am smitten.

And so here’s my quick review. 🙂

I am not somebody who’s very fond of cakes, or chocolates, or candies, or what else have you. The likelihood of me consuming those is very little. I am not a sweet tooth as how others fondly call themselves. I’m just not in that bandwagon.

The only exception is if they’re ice-cold where ice creams, halo-halo, mais con hielo, popsicles, and the like, are the more tolerable options.

But this time, it’s different.

Allow me to introduce the floor to Janelle’s Baked Goodies Homemade Cookies


The Best Cookies I Ever Had 5
Making my hand look like it’s not struggling holding these bags of cookies is a struggle itself. 😅


I never really ordered these for myself – I ordered these because I thought I should help out local small businesses to progress, and support them somehow in my own little way. So I bought some for the kids at home to enjoy.


The Best Cookies I Ever Had 4
They’re almost as big as my hand. 😱


These homemade cookies should be given a try. The taste is not of that usual cookie you’d get just anywhere. It’s not too sweet, and it’s also chewy which makes the cookie-eating experience a lot better!

Yes, I said these weren’t for me, but seeing them from a distance makes me want to pounce on them right away! The smell is good, it feels as though it’s talking to you and enticing you to take one sinful bite!

I also never thought the sizes would be worth more than the value of what I paid for! They’re humongous! One cookie is enough to keep your appetite at bay – or at least for me. I can’t finish one cookie in a sitting because I’d get full easily. You would know it’s really baked with love!


The Best Cookies I Ever Had 2
It’s eco-friendly! ♻️


One more thing I liked about these is that when I tore the packaging apart, it was made of paper! A strong kind of paper that can hold in these heavy-packed cookies. How awesome is that?


The Best Cookies I Ever Had 3
For all the hard work I do, I believe I deserve this much-awaited treat! So in here, you see myself enjoying my cookie like any girl boss would! Yay! 👠


The texture is also note worthy. It doesn’t crumble in big pieces at all! They’re intact, they’re packed, and they’re flavourful in the mouth!


The Best Cookies I Ever Had 1
This is literally when they say you have too much (goodness) in your plate! 🍪


They also come in different flavors, sizes, and variety. You can buy assorted ones, and choose if you’d like them as big as these, or bite-sized ones. Eitherway, these are something you’ll surely enjoy! Take my word for that!

Here they are:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Milky Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Mocha Cookies
  • Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese



Overall, I feel like Janelle’s Baked Goodies Homemade Cookies just gave cookie bakers out there make a run for their money!

So head on to the page, order yours, and enjoy sumptuously homemade baked goodness and allow them to deliver their promise!

Find them here:

FACEBOOK: Janelle’s Baked Goodies Homemade Cookies

INSTAGRAM: Janelle’s Baked Goodies Homemade Cookies











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