Passion is something you love doing that you’re willing to risk and sacrifice everything for.

Or at least that is how I define ‘passion’ nowadays.

It used to just be something of my interest, or something I enjoy doing on my spare, given the time or chance.

Putting that meaning into the word ‘passion’, or the words ‘being passionate’ actually revamped my outlook towards them.

In that light, I had to ask myself – again.

“What am I really passionate about? What are my passions?”

Because to me, it’s definitely not only what one enjoys doing.

It’s what you do without the dire need of gaining anything out of.

In other words, they are your ‘non-negotiables’.

I write, for example.

I enjoy it when I’m at it.

I can earn from it.

I thought it was my passion, but without a reason – I wouldn’t write.

I write to get attention.

I write to earn.

I write to gain traffic into my blog.

I write to convey ideas.

But to write just for the sake of writing because I only enjoy doing it?

Err… No, thanks.

I then found out it wasn’t what I was passionate about.

On the other hand, I also play the guitar.

Like writing, it’s also one of which I can do, and enjoy doing, in that regard.

Not a pro, even. Just someone mediocre.

However, with playing the guitar – I don’t really care if anybody listens, or that I am out of tune.

I couldn’t care less if I am applauded, or that I convey my emotions through the songs I play, or the lack of all the aforementioned thereof.

I just do it because I want to do it – without reason at all.

I then found out that this is one of my passions.

That I do not need any outside force to have me do it.

It’s just me, my will, and nothing more.

The same goes with dancing.

If I can get any slim chance to be dancing, I’d probably be dancing to my heart’s content now, like how I always did in the past, when the world was a whole lot younger, and so was I. (Arte ko do’n sa sinabi kong ‘yon, sure na! 😂)

The routines, the music, the steps – they wouldn’t matter as much as how I can gleefully come back to dancing itself.

It was my first love.

Now, before I go into a full-blown history of myself in my yesteryear, let me go back to topic.

Once you find your passion, there’s no stopping you.

You can do something and not earn from it, but if people see how passionate you are about what you do, and why you do what you do, then that’s when you start getting something from it without meaning to do so, in the first place.

Confusing? I know.

And I can’t word that any better either. 😅

Before one follows what s/he claims their passion, I guess it is best to re-evaluate what it really is, first.

What about you?

Have you already found out what you’re passionate about?

What are your passions?


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