This may seem a bit odd, but for everything that’s happening to you and around you, especially those that you have no control about, all you can ever do, is love yourself.

How? I hear you ask.

If you feel down, you raise yourself up. If you feel lost, you find yourself. If you feel depressed, you have to find reasons, ways, and methods on how you can get out of that rut. If you feel insecure, boost yourself up. If you feel unbeautiful, unhealthy, and unfit, start taking care of yourself better. If you feel challenged, master skills for yourself. If you feel competitive, make yourself worthy. If you feel alone, be your own friend. If you feel unstable, learn how to balance, and try to stand back up on your own two feet.

If you can at least do these things for yourself, a lot of your self-doubts, self-problems, self-loathe, and self-hate will disappear. And your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-independence, and self-reliance will shoot upwards.

Love yourself.



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