Been a real while since we last hung out nor talked about life, love, and everything in between. I am not even sure if we ever have. All I ever know since reading your letter is that I intend to write back. And years after mustering up the courage and not wanting to miss the chance, here I am, writing back indeed.

Oh, how time flies, doesn’t it? One moment, we were both so little and would fight about the most mundane of things. Just look at how some things never change. 😅

Between all those times and until you wrote me this letter, I have always had the urge to reply. But I just couldn’t find the words. I never know how to get around with words when it comes to you – since you are the one whose always so good with them. Hence, lest I’m not able to convey things in the same way I have them in my head, I’ll just do it the best way I know how – freely. Must I?

Lo and behold! You’re the only brother I have! Stop and give it some thought for a second. I mean, it may not mean as much to you, but to me, in this world and lifetime, I only have one. I have never regretted that out of every brother I could have been given, that it turned out to be you. Someone whose not only God-fearing, you’re also good with a lot of things! Music. Writing. Tech. Creatives. Sports. Words. Humour. Games. Cooking. Art. I literally look around me right now and couldn’t find anything you’re not good at. Hence, I can never thank God enough for you, and every breath you still are given.

Ever since you left home, I grew a fear that I might not be able to see you again – that one day, we’ll all just get a bad news (I mean, we almost always have, of you getting sick, but thankfully, you emerge stronger than ever.) and that’s that. I am afraid of regretting not being able to spend enough time with you in this lifetime. And I still feel that now. When I’m home, you’re not (just like now). And when you’re home, I’m not. I know we have very little time, and we probably would never make up for the lost time to spend with each other. I’m still hopeful though, and looking forward that we can. I’d like to keep believing on that.

Now and then, I’m glad I could check up on you. And that you could do the same for me. Something that has not existed back then for whichever reason I don’t know of. I like the fact that you open up to me out of all the members of our family. Or that you would heed my advice no matter how non-sensical they may seem. Sometimes you would even reach out to me to ask what course is best for something you are planning to do. It makes me feel needed. It makes me feel like I matter. And it makes me realize how I still am your sister. Thank you.

Normally, I would always run to you for Music/Tech/Creative advice. I would consult you for things and see what you think – not because I’m lazy, or that I didn’t want to study it myself. But because your voice matters to me. Your opinion does. Your suggestion does. Your craft does. And I’d like to apologize if each and every time I fail to make you feel otherwise.

At long last, here we are. Old. 😂 Where the time has gone, I will never know. But one thing is for sure. We still exist. Our parents are still here. Our other bruha sister, is still around. We’re still complete. I’m really grateful we still have Mama and Papa at our age – where many people our age do not have their parents anymore. Or to some, their siblings. But here we all are, alive and healthy. Help me cherish this. I hope we could get more SM Aura pasyals when we get the chance. I want to see many places, taste different cuisines, and experience life more with our family. I hope we can do it hand in hand.

Right before I end this rather odd letter, I wanted to let you know that I will always look up to you. I will always support you. I’m always here for you. please continue to do what you love doing. I’d love to see you succeed and flourish.

Today, I truly wish you peace for your birthday. Nothing more, nothing less. You are loved, Kuya. Happy birthday! 🥂


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