I have been journaling since the beginning of this year as much as I could, and for today only, I am sharing my journal with you. I am going to type down exactly what I wrote so kindly bear with my flow of thoughts. Haha! Written at 4:42 AM on March 21st, 2022, Monday.

How have we been, self? I know it has been hard sticking to the rules we set for ourselves, but I’d like you to realize the benefits you can get out of them in the long run. It may not mean too much for now, but every little ounce of effort counts, and nobody can ever take that away from you. I hope you learn how to be more patient with yourself and understand that there will be times you will falter, but never let it get to you. Just brush it all off, and get back on track again. You will fail, remember that, but what matters is how you pick yourself back up.

Today, let’s focus on being purposeful, being aware, being mindful of our surroundings. Let us make this day more beautiful by spreading kindness, by spreading love, and by starting all that with one’s self. Life is hard, we just got to choose our hard. The more you go ahead and practice all the small habits you set for yourself, the more you’re going to get the hang of it and thus the more you can engrave it in your system.

Every day that we are given, we only have to be in agreement for what we will do for ourself, and follow through it at whatever cost. That’s the least we can ever do. We have made so many mistakes in our past – I forgive you for all those, for the things you didn’t know, for the repercussions of your actions you weren’t aware of, for the incapacities and incapabilities you had in the past – you’re forgiven. Let’s learn as we go.


(Woah, I only figured out now how typing it all down is a whole lot easier than writing them down the old-school way. But I have always liked things the old-fashioned way, so… yeah!)

So there you go! That’s today’s journal! If you learned anything off of it, that already makes me happy. Take care!




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