(Originally written in December of 2004)

I usually wallow in sentimentality

Where often I discern none

None but darkness and insanity

While lurchings inside underrun

Staring blankly at the window sill

Knees embraced with a body of thought

Sudden loneliness crept beneath a quill

Made me unstop its first blot

The quiet night seems deafening

My once stable hands now tremble

Out and in, you’ll see I’m bleeding

Screaming loud, exhausted, feeble

Now I am in sweat drenched

Yet here in my corner chilling

Surge of anger, is it? Fists clenched

Alone laughing out and hurting

Conversing again to your shadow

Remembering countless tears I’ve shed

The flame of amour, humble and low

I’ve rekindled in this windy mead

Awakened myself up in reveries

Forewarned the heart and emotions

Expressionless face, wasted memories

Never again will I fall in deep obsession


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