Dear (Future) Fae,

I’m glad you’re here and you can read this. I am imagining it would be the year of 2025 when you finally come back to this again, but up until that point, please resist yourself from reading this.

The situation now is we are in your pastel room of the little house you’ve bought last year. You’re wearing a white shirt, a small lamp is right in front of you lighting up your desk space, a lantern-designed humidifier smells of Valor to your left, and to your right, a white noise is coming from your white TV playing Netflix about tiny houses.

It was five years ago when I wrote a letter to my future self too – the once future self who is now the present me, and the present me now who’s going to be the past me in your time. From this moment, I want to count down three years from now, and see where it will take us. So I want to bookmark this time until then – 2025, and find out how we are. It doesn’t sound too far away from where we are now, anyway. In a blink of an eye, I will be you, and we’re already there.

A lot of thoughts and planning are going on in your head right now. We’re setting new goals, we want to take things a further step from where we are now. You’ve been studying a lot these days too.

One of the main obstacles we have had in our past lives (which is still emanating up to now) is our inability to niche down. There’s just far too many things we enjoy and know doing, that we couldn’t end up choosing just one to pursue. So right now, I am like “F*ck it, let’s go!”, and decided to just give everything a shot.

One thing that never left me is that I have always known you have got what it takes to be who you want to be. I have always believed that you’re going to make it big – right down my gut I could immensely feel it. And that your definition of success is just around the alley, only if you will close your eyes and listen well.

Hence, I would appreciate it if you can be a little more brazen this time, take the wheel, and steer. Anyhow – this is your life!

Having those in mind, what are we now currently up to? Deep inside, I am really hoping you could tell me that I have taken good care of you – that you’re doing better than how I am now, that I have been consistent, that all the plans we had in mind had been executed, that we’re continuously flourishing, and that your heart and mind is at peace.

Just imagining how you are doing there makes me giddy and excited. I know you’re not the type to be complacent. I know you’re one to always find growth in everything. And if anything more, I have always admired you for always striving to become a better person than who you were before – better than me, simply put!

Although please do not be afraid of letting me down. If at one point in our lives we failed, and had to repeat back from zero, it’s okay. To me, it’s comparable to slingshots – setbacks are meant to propel you further. Especially you! *chuckles* I know you. You always emerge a winner somehow!

I am closing my eyes to picture myself right now. My situation. My health. My image. My thoughts. My words. My disposition. And I want you to close your eyes, breathe, and do the same.

And if nobody dared to ask you yet again, let me be the one to do it.

“How are you?”

“You know that I am always here for you, right? I will always exist in your past, someone whom you can never erase from your life. I will never be gone. I will always be silently cheering you on in all your endeavors, and rooting for your dreams to come true. I am someone who will always trust that you know the best decisions to take in life. I am someone who will always believe in you, and will always hope for the best for you. I am your stepping stone. Whatever I do now, will surely have a repercussion in you. So I also hope I can do well. You will always have my hand. When things get tough, and if you’re feeling weary, you have me.”

Now open your eyes, go on, and do your purpose. The world is waiting for you.


(Present) Fae


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