I have had years where they were of planning, of execution, of re-trying. But this year, I want to put into practice everything that I have learned so far.

I believe I already have the framework and the formula to be able to live a life that I long for. I only need to make sure I am always doing them day in and day out, and really practicing in my core as opposed to just getting them done for the heck of.

I also imagined I am going to be revamping how these blogs are being done. When I blog, I don’t really have a niche anyway. I just blog what’s on my head. And maybe I am going to be keeping it that way.

However, I am planning to launch something this January which I would love for everybody to watch out for. I am currently facing my fears and jumping straight on to something I have always wanted to do.

But every day is not always rainbows and butterflies. If I were to be honest, I am struggling where I can find the ‘fill’ I need for myself in order to do better and in order to pour into others. I just felt like I am running thin and dry, but here I am trying my best.

I have so much to offer the world. And I want to keep showing up to become a legend. Hence, I’ll keep practicing.

This year, is a year of practice for me, Just wanted to put it out there, no matter how vague this short blog may seem.


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