“I’m so burnt out. It’s hard to chase your dreams and work your day job to sustain a living. Add up all the chores and voila! My sides hurt and my head has been throbbing for a few days now. My body demands rest. Otherwise, I might fall sick. Here’s to a hopefully restful weekend.”

Here’s a tweet I have shared all across my Facebook and Instagram.

I’m not complaining.

I feel like taking a break would be so nice, and I know having one will definitely propel me forward to my goals.

But here’s the problem: I. CAN’T. STOP.

For some undiscovered reason, I feel so guilty when I am not doing anything. If I am not being productive, I feel so bad.

I am still in the process of learning that rest is essential.

Lately, I do not even have a sleep schedule – I only lay down and nap some when my body can’t function well anymore. Then after 2-3 hours, I go back to my daily grind again.

Just today, I have these in my list: Budgeting, Laundry, Grocery, Publish Blog, Record Podcast, Adjust Stream Set Up

I haven’t even ticked 2 out of all that, but I even managed to cook lunch for everybody in the house already.

I don’t exactly know how I am going to get everything done, but I like how little happy accidents happen along the way.

Cooking for today, for example, wasn’t in my list of to do’s, but somehow, I did that too. A happy accident.

Playing games on my spare got me finding another hobby I’d like to pursue, which can hopefully become another income stream. Another happy accident.

Not knowing my niche, and deciding to try everything out instead, allowed me to find what makes my heart happy, and my life meaningful. A happy accident yet again.

Getting burnt out, like today, made me realize the importance of taking a pause. Ain’t that such a happy accident?

So here I am, having a McFlurry.


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