Hi friends and family! It has been a lifelong dream to finally be releasing a song I wrote and composed myself.

It’ll be my debut as a mediocre musician. 😅

And today, exactly on my birthday, it will serve as a simple gift to myself.

This song is written for many reasons but their common denominator is of longing.

Of parents longing for their children who now live their own lives. Of lovers who have gone separate ways. Of friends who are now hard to catch up with on a daily basis. Of kids whose parents can’t spend more time with them. Of childhood and how it is missed. Of colleagues that took different career paths. Of memories that live on in our hearts forever.

But at the end of the day, we can always feel at ease, because what we long for can always be found where we parted ways or have lost touch. In the same way that I’m just here and I’m still here. You can relax. And you can always come running back to me.

And even if distance or death separates us, I made sure to leave clues in life that I was once here. Like the poetries I wrote. Like the podcast topics I spoke about. Like the photos I took. Like the blogs I have discussed. Like this acoustic single.


Much love and peace!

Fluttering by,


It will mean the world to me if you can listen my new single “Feel At Ease” on Spotify:


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