*tucks hair behind ears and flashes a toothy, awkward smile*



  • A free-spirited, frolicsome, Filipina fellow with a thought process of a fickle fifty-five year old fart machine who’s frantic & fussy – one you can deem as someone who definitely does not have an inclination to the letter ‘F’.


  • On rare occasions, she wields pastel pens as her weapon of choice.


  • She hurls flip-flops at a deadly speed and unflagging accuracy to anything that is categorized as small, living, moving, crawling, and flying all at once. But she screams and covers her ears before she gets the courage to do so.


  • She likes depth. Do you? Why not?!


  • Using only fairies and butterflies, she once single-handedly defended a virtual village from a horde of ferocious Teacup Pomeranian Puppies.


  • She recently found out the reason for her existence, and this is to spread kindness all over, be present at the moment, and touch more people’s lives. Her kind of people are kind people. She fondly calls this new life purpose ‘Living A Life Of Legacy’. Join her!


  • Furthermore, she hates mizspellingst, irony, puns, serial commas, and humor.


  • Definitely an expert in sarcasm, a veteran in poems, a novice in Chinese Garter, and an outlaw in love.


  • She frolics, she farts, she freelances, and her bills are all paid.


  • On a more serious note, she loves speaking in the third person which I find weird. But I am also her. So…