Welcome to my testimonials page!

Here are a few things people have to say about working with me.

Fae is the ultimate professional. We worked together on a project a few years ago, and she was focused on delivering results. She always had an upbeat personality and was willing to do what was needed to move the project forward. It was a privilege working with her and she is an asset to any team she works with.

Mario Pabaroue,
The Motivational Blogspot

Fae is really sweet. Really appreciated having her on my team. She has done well and kept progressing week on week. We live and learn – that’s the beauty of life! Fae, keep smiling, keep learning, and keep on working hard and it will always be worthwhile in the end!

Faisal Amjad,
Life Digital

Fae clearly is a resourceful person, and came up with ideas which I never thought of, which is brilliant. I think the methods she has chosen were the ones that were most likely to result in the highest level of interaction, so well done!

Lee Chapman,
Hungry For Life

I think what I’d like to really let you know, is that, out of everyone that works for us, you probably got the most challenging role and it’s the role that requires the most understanding. Just keep up the good attitude. Keep learning. Keep asking questions. Thanks for your work!

Ameen Hachemi,
Life Digital

I love the high quality of work Fae has done with us and how that has a positive impact on our business and lives. Fae has kept our projects on track and communicated so well with clients. She has continuously improved our systems and worked with the team to create successful campaigns for our clients. She helped me save A LOT of time. Thank you for your amazing efforts, patience, and dedication to my team. I really value your work. Thank you! ❤️

Atty. Edmund Yan,
Tree Of Life Law Firm

Fae is responsive to communication and can communicate well. She works fast, delivers on time, and has strong attention to detail. Her “long term build value” strategies on my Social Media worked wonders.

Lew Chong Wei,
Brite Labs

I can’t thank you enough. You’re a very nice person and a great colleague to work with. Thank you very much for all your support in getting the tasks done. Thanks a million, Fae! GOD BLESS YOU!

Awais Junaid,
Life Digital

Hi, Fae! You are wonderful, heart warming, and greatly appreciated. I will be praying for you and your family.

Mohammad Arshad,
Life Digital