Why work with me?

I’ve foreseen it years before it happened – a world that is run digitally online. Everybody will be working from home, as the Internet engulfs us more and more.

I like to look at myself as a Freelance Digital Nomad slowly cruising the world touching people’s hearts with my fingertips one at a time, and leaving small footprints of kindness in people’s hearts.

Hence, I thought about getting this Freelance Firm set up – an avenue where I can help more people through all the skills I have acquired when I initially ventured into freelancing in 2013.

With that in mind, can you tell me a little story about your business? How did you start it? What struggles have you been having while you are still in the process of organizing everything up?

Admit it. On your behalf, you need somebody to take on your current role, while you cater to the more important areas of your business.

Thankfully, that happens to be my job!

I support start-ups and small business owners like you to reach their maximum potential while I manage and help the business thrive from the groundwork up through several management systems.

If you need someone to manage your people, zero out and segregate your emails, market all your social media platforms, generate leads, maintain communication with your clients, write blog posts & other copies, or be your human calendar – voila! You’ve come to the right place.

I have more than 10 years of professional and freelance experience helping businesses declutter and organize gray areas, while providing exceptional customer service via phone & email through excellent internal & external communication.

Shall we talk further?



I deliver outstanding results across the following business areas:

Project Management

Why do they need a project manager?

I’ll help you manage your projects, operations, and people so you can make use of your talent, budget, and time better. The costs are on a monthly basis.

Growth Strategy
Establish Processes & Tools
Work Flow Funnels Creation & Delegation
Business Consulting
Meeting & Organization
Build your own package!

Social Media Management

Why do you need social media management?

Let me help you with your online presence. The costs are on a monthly basis.

Social Media Strategy Development
Social Media Page Optimization
Content Creation & Publication
Community Building & Management
Paid Social Ads Setup & Management
Build your own package!

Graphics Design

Why do you need graphics design?

Let me help you design your own visual branding from scratch! The costs are on a per item basis.

Logo Design Creation
Social Media Banner, Cover, & Thumbnails
Powerpoint Template Design
Infographics, Brochures, Flyers, & Book Covers
Photo Editing
Build your own package!

Video Editing

Why do you need video editing?

Let me help you get what you want with your raw videos! The costs are dependent on the quality, duration, & requirements.

Social Media Videos
Corporate & Explainer Videos
Music Videos & Movie Trailers
Wedding & Events Videos
Build your own package!

Administrative Work

Why do you need administrative work?

Let me help you with the little tasks here and there so you can dedicate your time to the more important part of your business. The costs are on a monthly basis.

Data Mining & Research
Email Management
Calendar Management
SOP / People Management
Lead Generation
Client Relations
Human Resource
Build your own package!

If you want to know more about my fees and services, please feel free to hop on a call with me.