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(A Name Poetry)

My mind paints a scene.
A rather lovely one.
Reveries are its companions;
Lying on top of the hill of Utopia, you’re
Awed with the stars gleaming with life.

Ran you go, danced to and fro and swished!
Over the shadows of sham smiles you hid,
Wishing he’d come back and fetch you soon.
Even the night is as unstable as you.
Neither I – a leaf, rustles unknowingly.
An ambiance of the most uncertain silence.

Psyche? Oh!” “You saw her again or nay?”
Envy? Is that what we feel for her? Oh well!
Runes say she is most loved by Eros.”
Every time our conversation would go this way, I would
Zoom my eyes for the near setting of the sun.

Lament of the unholy! Lament of mine!
A hundred miles had separate!
Solely now, what is yet to come?
Tingling wind chimes as the wind blew,
Reward my frivolous mind with fright.
Over, it is. I can never see you no more.
Lest that we had foreseen it’s the end zone, but it’s…
Late. Too late, yes. And now it’s for
Oblivion to bury us in its depth.


Dear Dude,

Honestly, there’s a whole bunch of things for me to say but I’d rather keep it sweet. My head is also pounding at the moment, but I thought, in the years we’ve been together, I never really took the effort to greet you on time.

So, here it is.

I know this is a recycled birthday gift from way back when (January 2006), but I guess I never have really put you in the spotlight that you deserve.

So again, here it is.

If you’ll notice, I have included everything I thought you liked in this little poem. Or at least things that you liked back then.

So yet again, here it is.

Another thing to note is how in this picture, if you zoom in, I wasn’t really looking at the camera. I was looking at the person who has always been there for me since circa ’00.

So finally, here it is.

HAHAHA! Just messin’ with ya! HKNUDXNT!

Happy birthday, Dude! You are loved. Cheers!🥂




FaeFlutterby - Fast Forward


Dear (Future) Fae,

As I type this down, and as you read along, I want you to reminisce this very moment when we were in this white room, sitting in front of our laptop, wearing a striped tank top, everything is peaceful, and it’s 3:27 AM according to the clock.

We just had coffee so we’re mildly palpitating, (We’ve always been a tea person, haven’t we?) and our right leg itches from time to time.

It’s a fine day.

I guess this is the only day I’m giving this blog too much thought. I have been pausing from time to time to lay my hands away from the keyboard to clasp them together while I close my eyes and really think before writing again.

Perhaps it is because I wanted to compose my rather scattered ideas better, because after all, it is you whom I will be sending this to.

It feels new. Normally, our thoughts would be faster than our fingers could type – but today, here I am.

“What is going on then?” I hear your curiosity years ahead of me.

*scratches leg*

We are headed fast towards the end of 2018 and in a few days, a new year will welcome us.

I guess, at this point in time, we are just anxious of what we had become after all those years in the past, and what will be in store for us sooner or later in the future.

*scratches leg*

*clasps hands and closes eyes*

This year, we have commenced a whole lot of things we have always ONLY thought about doing.

A year of execution – as how we often put it.

We have really done a good job this year for having started all those that we have planned – but there is still this hunger and thirst for a better future coming from me.

So you can expect that I will be working hard.

How is it going out there? Has it been any different from how we are now?

*leans back on the chair and sips some water*

I bet you’re still the same, if you’re still there. If we are still there, that is.

Or did we already cease to exist?

You see, I keep getting worried these days that I might not make it to you – the future me.

Which is why, instead of writing about a Korean Skin Care Routine blog, I decided to write to you instead.

I keep feeling like my health is spiralling downwards, or that an accident awaits around the corner. I do hope and pray not.

That’s the reason I strive harder to make the best out of my days.

We have so little time. We have very few chances.

With that in mind, and having a very little circle, I know that a lot of people would not care to ask. So I’d want to take the initiative on their behalf, in case nobody dares to do so.

“Are you happy?”

“How are you in all aspects and in it’s realest sense?”

In all honesty, (And yes, this is a segue!) between my ears, I keep translating everything I am saying into Korean. I’ve been studying Korean hard these days, if you will remember. And it’s just so funny how I am writing in English, but in my head, I am talking in Korean. Weird? You best bet, we are!

In that regard, has our taste in men changed as of yet?

Any fair-skinned, chinky-eyed, somehow-tall, musically-inclined guy has taken your attention? (Just edit this out if someone very opposite is around! Hahaha!)

I wonder if anybody is keeping you inspired over there as of now. Have we been ready at all, or have we foregone the thought of loving and being loved anymore, as agreed upon by ourselves?

Taking my current state into consideration, I know you know I am currently incapable. There are so many things to work on, so many things to improve, so many things to learn, and so many things to take care of.

Have you learnt anything new that might have changed these perspectives?

Mind sharing them?

How are the little ones? I bet they’re grown-ups now. They are okay as of this point, so do not think weird thoughts at all. I know if you could, you would go back to the time you were me again, and they were littler, but rest assured that you did a good job and you did everything in your ability the best way you know how.

I am proud of you.

Okay! Sudden surge of emotions there! Whew!

*casually fans my eyes with my hands as if it’s helping*

I know, I know. We have this inevitable habit of putting ourselves down. But even if it is weird to tell you that I am proud of you, I really am.

There’s so much you have gone through, put up with, and moved on from. Your resiliency is highly remarkable!

Day by day, we keep learning too!

On days that you feel down, I hope you read this back – loud and clear if you must.

“I believe in you. I always have, and I always will.”

I’m very well aware of the fact that you have been subject to great pains because in the future you are meant to be great – all of course in God’s help and will.

So, I badly hope that no matter what, you will keep going.



More importantly, I hope, that at any point you are in your life right now, don’t ever let anything that will cause you to regret one day.

It’s a lesson that took longer for me, and most of us to realize.

We don’t want to be old, feeble, and full of regrets one day. Please, no.

*scratches both arms and forehead*

By now you would have probably diagnosed if we have allergies or whatnot. Hahaha! This itchiness is getting out of hand!

How are the habits coming along? Are they intact?

What’s been keeping you preoccupied these days? Are you still freelancing? Is the blog still ongoing?

I’m dead curious! I hope you spill sooner!

Guess that’s about it from me. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Do write back to me when you can.

Also, promise me that that you will miss me from time to time, and that you won’t forget about me.


“You are loved.”




(Present) Fae


Lose Fat. Gain Muscle.

If you have the same goal as mine, feel free to chime in.

I have prepared a weekday-approved workout sets that I personally follow from Mondays through Fridays, and these are strategically set to target muscles of the same area.

Depending on your strength, you can choose weights of your preference. I started with 1 KG weights back in 2016 when I started conceptualizing this out, and have moved on upwards from then on, to give you an insight.

The number of sets and repetitions are totally up to you too.

Initially, I began with 10 repetitions and 3 sets of each. Now I do 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

If you do not know where to start yet, you can first determine which goal you’d like to achieve.

Do you aim to maintain your current frame? Perhaps do 3 sets of 5-8 repetitions.

Do you aim to gain muscle? Perhaps do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Do you aim for endurance? Perhaps do 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions.


If you aren’t sure how the exercises are executed, Google and YouTube offers a shit ton of tutorials on how.


While I did mention that this is supposedly a home workout, in reality, you may also follow these in the gym.

And without further ado, let us jump right in to it! Let’s get it on!






Barbell/Dumbbell Curl

Hammer Curl

Preacher Curl

Overhead Press

Horizontal Curl



Overhead Extension

Kick Back

Skull Crushers

Wall Push-Up






Diastasis Recti

Glute Bridge

Reverse Plank

Inhale Sip


Wall Sit

Side Plank

Wall Plank

Single Leg Dead Lift

Side Ankle Reach

Side Weights Bend


Lower Abdomen

Leg Lifts

Alternating Leg Lifts

Reverse Twists









One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Wide-Grip Lateral Pull-Down

Bent Over Barbell Row

Bent Over T Raise

Dead Lift



Chest Press

Chest Fly

Around The World

Y Raise

Cross Over







Pulse Squat

Glute Kick Back

Kettle Bell Swing

Step Up

Carving Curtsy



Basic Calf Raise

Internal Calf Raise

External Calf Raise



Side Leg Raise

Floor Side Leg Raise

Side Plank & Leg Raise

Side Lunge






Circles – 1 Minute

Side Lateral Arm Raise

Bent Over Reverse Fly

Alternate Front Raise

Military Dumbbell Press

90-Degree Lateral Raise

Elbow Squeeze



I hope this helped you with your goals! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!





“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Aristotle


Hello, fellas!

We recently started the last quarter of the year. And I’m going to be a slave of my phone until the year ends, I’d say.

But not in a negative way. I am going to be using my phone to help me with stringing up habits. Habits that I tried so hard to get used to for this year but kept failing and coming back at one.

This time, I’m going to do a double-down! I’ll try twice as harder than I ever did before.

A total of 72 days. A total of 10 weeks. A total of 10 simple habits.

If I can make it, you can too.

Today is when I re-start as today’s exactly halfway through the year before I celebrate my birthday again.

I want to make a change. And I will end the year with a bang! I promise!

Will you, too? Ay! Come on!

You pick up a habit after 21 days, but I am pushing it further to make sure that these habits stick like a clingy ex-boyfriend who can’t get over me.

So I am taking a thorough challenge for my own improvement to serve as practice for the years to come. For a lifetime!

Please join me! I’d be delighted to find out where it takes us. Let’s go!


I started out the year fully energized and motivated, but as you know, those fluctuate more than a woman’s moods on her menstrual period.

Honestly, I need to be able to pick-up some healthier habits than what I am accustomed to.

Until recently, I still give in to junk foods. I barely get enough sleep. I am wide awake at night – tossing and turning, if not having a midnight snack.

My water intake is not sufficient. My hygiene is close to being non-existent. My skin is not only pale – it is also dry and flaky.

And my health is spiraling downwards faster than I could flush down a ball of hair down the drain.

I feel pain here and there – tension headaches, chest tightness, bone weakness – to name a few.

These are not only bad habits I have to shut and shun away, I need to expel them from my system and replenish them with better ones.


I’ll die. (I mean, we all would. Just that I’ll probably get ahead of all of you if I continue this way of living. And I can’t die yet, I still want to see myself as a Gorgeous Gardener Grandmother, so, yeah!)

How about you? This is the time for you to take a pause in reading further, and list down your problem areas.


I have tried a lot of things in the past – announcing my plans to the social media world – didn’t work. Joining group chats that will serve as my accountability partners – didn’t work. Told my family the diet I am doing – didn’t work. Downloaded tracking and running apps – didn’t work.

I kept doing the same failing strategies.

Or am I? Are the strategies really the issue? Or that there is just really something wrong with me?

I figured out, as eye-opening and pride-downgrading as it can ever be, that the problem is myself.

(It’s not you, Mr. Strategy, it’s me. I’m sorry!)

If I change my mindset and how I do things then maybe, just maybe, I can turn my life, and hopefully yours, around.

So I am giving myself a nudge. A nudge that’s as speedy and as heavy and as big as that rogue Bludger that broke Harry’s arm in Quidditch!

It is devastating to finally realize that at this age, I still haven’t accomplished these simple things I should have mastered long ago.

But in a sense, I did learn one thing new – that there is no one I can hold reliable to accomplish my plans but myself.

And this also goes the same for you. You only have yourself to hold accountable.

Nevertheless, here I am, blabbing out these stuff, in hopes that I can support you in your journey too, should you decide to.

And I highly suggest that you do. Today’s the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be. Tomorrow’s never guaranteed.

Let’s quit being in this cycle of counter-productivity. No more chasing tails.


*smiles and lends out a hand*


I want to choose myself over anything or anyone at this point. If I am not properly equipped health-wise, not only tons of other things, but also people, will suffer.

As if I haven’t stressed it enough – I NEED TO CHOOSE MYSELF FIRST.

This will be our mantra moving forward. Say it out loud with me!




(Okay, stop. Stop! That’s enough or we’ll receive complaints from the neighbours.)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Right?

For now, we will need to start to fully cleanse this machine A.K.A. our body, to get it revved up and running well.

And to do that, I need you to imagine exactly what, where, how, and who you want to become.

Once you’ve done that, think of the ways you can attain your goal on simple terms, and on a daily basis.

Since our strategy will be to gain small habits and gradually improve them overtime.


Now it’s time to list down all the habits you’d like to acquire to get to the goal of becoming whatever, wherever, however, or whoever you want to be.

To help you out, here is my own list and the habits I’d like to master, including my reasons why, and how I will do it.

  • Increase Liquid Intake – I suck at this. Big time! I think if there was a course for Dehydration Techniques in College, I would have probably graduated with honors. I wish to change this. I know there will be unimaginable changes that will happen in my life if I can do this.

STEP/S TO TAKE: I just need to make sure I do 15 gulps per drinking session. Normally, my thirst is quenched within 3-4 gulps. It may seem like I will drown if I try 15 at a time – but actually, it is doable. (Thanks for the tip, sis!)

  • Work Out 5x A Week – I have prepared a 5-Day Workout Split that I’d probably share in another blog. I already have the formula, I just need to do them!

STEP/S TO TAKE: Small scale workouts for starters just to increase my activity I’d say. I wouldn’t be too hard on myself if I can’t follow through fully. I’ll consider taking a 5-10 minute walk a work out. Even general cleaning at home. Or dancing.

  • Shower & Hygiene“I’m not a perfect person. There’s many things I wish I didn’t do. But I continue learning.” Hahaha! I’d be a hypocrite if I say I never missed a day of bathing. I do, a lot. I’m human. And I stink! So I am listing this down here for goodness sake and don’t ask more questions about it. Yeah? ~_~

STEP/S TO TAKE: Take a bath. Brush my teeth. Comb my hair. You know? Those things taught in Kindergarten? 😬 Shame on me!

  • Learn A New Language – As I said, I am obsessed with languages and I badly wanted to be multi-lingual. I don’t know. It’s not like I will take on the world one day. I just want to.

STEP/S TO TAKE: It doesn’t have to be something in-depth. 5 minutes will do. Or watching a K-Drama will do.

FaeFlutterby - 10 Weeks Habit Mastery Challenge - Language
The sense of accomplishment is felt more especially when you’re given a golden check mark!

  • Feeding Window Starts At 4PM – I wanted to still continue Intermittent Fasting but instead of One Meal A Day (OMAD) which is kind of too overwhelming, I wanted to give myself more time to consume food.

STEP/S TO TAKE: 4PM – 8 PM. That’s the only time I am allowing myself to eat. It’s not as hard for me anymore as I have practiced Intermittent Fasting in the past doing 16:8, 18:6, 20:4, OMAD or even Extended Fasts. So, I gave myself a little leeway on this.

  • Fasting Window Starts At 8PM – This is to allow myself to be ready for sleep, and for my body to be fasting for a longer period of time. Also so that I quit indulging in midnight snacks which is just so much fun, I don’t know why. But yeah. Gotta help myself. *snigger*

STEP/S TO TAKE: I stop eating at this time at whatever cost. Pronto!

  • Follow The Ketogenic Diet – I wanted to be fat adapted by the end of the year and make sure my body does not rely on Glucose to work, but Fat. Yep! I don’t even need to stay in Ketosis, pretty much, but I am not going to discuss the what’s and how’s of that for now.

STEP/S TO TAKE: Stay away from carbs, and keep it to a minimum.

  • Take Vitamins Every Day – I mean, let’s just get on with it. There are a lot of things my body does not produce naturally.

STEP/S TO TAKE: Drink vitamins.

  • Have A Nightly Skin Care Routine“We are never ever ever getting…” any younger. Did you sing it too? I want to see myself having good skin for once in my life. Or at least better than what I have now? You know? Who doesn’t? I want to be the girl who has night regimes just for the heck of it.

STEP/S TO TAKE: Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Follow the 10-Step Skin Care Routine that you intend to blog another time. Hahaha!

  • Have Sufficient Sleep – This is one of my major troubles. Sleep. For the longest time I never have had any consistent sleeping pattern at all. And it is not good. I sleep roughly about 3-4 hours a day and always interrupted as I always jump up because I couldn’t get into deep sleep. I can feel how much my body is suffering. It’s tired throughout the day and wide awake when everybody else is asleep. I am very nocturnal! But I know I can turn things around. I should teach my body clock before it takes a toll on me if it hasn’t yet. I already experience irritability, mood swings, and pains. I don’t want it to come to a point where it is irreversible. So I want to start now.

STEP/S TO TAKE: Sleep at 10PM. If there are inevitable circumstances, make sure not to go over 12MN.


  • Friends

It will be nice if my friends won’t ask me out at this point in time to eat out and such as I try to develop these habits, unless of course if they are activities meant to help with my goals.

Daring and ambitious, I know. Aggressive and obnoxious, even. But please know that this is a dream and a goal. I know you guys will understand. ❤️

  • Family

I’m actually happy how my family is very supportive of my goals and this challenge as well. They cheer me on, and even remind me if I forget anything or ask me what I should be doing at a certain time. Definitely helps! Thanks loads, you lot!


I have set out strategies you can follow through which I am also using myself. I call them:

The 3 Double ‘S’ Strategy

Start Small

The plan is simple – daily training of simple habits I can surely follow through.

I don’t want to overwhelm myself as it may backfire. I am keeping it as realistic as possible.

You should too! Don’t think about very daring tasks/habits you feel like you can’t take on for a longer period.

Just learn simple ones first, then gradually add more as you move forth.

For example, if your goal is to have a ripped and lean body but your body fat percentage is still high, you do not need to exhaust yourself in the gym for two hours every single day. It might only make you give up right away.

Try to do 15 minutes of light work out first, and see how that goes for you. Or maybe run for 15 – 30 minutes if that’s more feasible.

Consistency is key.

It doesn’t matter if it is small. Once you achieve it, it’s not like it can be taken away anymore.

Small progress is still progress.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start adding more into your routine gradually until you can do pull-ups using your pinky fingers, alone. 😂

Set Schedules

Lay out your day and plot when you intend to do the habits you want to acquire. Do it on the days you set to do it.

I, on the other hand, try to help myself out as much.

“How?” I hear you say.

  • Use An App

I created a new board in this app called Trello where I have laid out all the plans I have in mind on a daily basis – and what should happen hourly within the day.

FaeFlutterby 10 Weeks Habit Mastery Challenge - Habit Mastery Trello Board
The whole 10 weeks will be plotted here. Just testing out the first week to see if there’s any more I need to amend before creating a full-blown list!

I needed it to be that detailed as following these new habits will be intricate and overwhelming, so I wanted to do it on a schedule. Because if I don’t, things will surely get messed up. Imagine being awake around 9:45 PM and realizing I wasn’t able to do my work out for the day. That sucks, right?

FaeFlutterby 10 Weeks Habit Mastery Challenge - Habit Mastery Trello Board To Do
Scheduled the habits to be done at a certain time.

  • Diet & Meal Preparation

While you might think this is an overkill, it actually isn’t. Preparing your meals beforehand allows you to stay on your diet and make sure you don’t go back to the cycle of eating crap again because your food is tracked out early on.

If you can also have a Food Journal where you can log your food, and maybe even track your macros, well and good.

It can also easily set your tone for the whole week.

  • Reminder Alarms

I tend to be forgetful, so until I can master all these habits, I will need help from my trusty phone’s alarms.

FaeFlutterby - 10 Weeks Habit Mastery Challenge - Alarms
Alarms help me tremendously, I swear by them!

  • Turn Off Distractions

While this may not be something new, please know that ALL my notifications in my phone are all off. Apart from my alarms and my work app where I can be reached when needed at work – I am not notified of anything.

I sometimes just check the ‘distraction’ apps on my free time, or when taking a break from work.

I don’t want my life to revolve around nonsensical things, and so I am trying to lean away from them. One good example? Games – virtual stuff that don’t add to my real-life progress. (No offense, gamers! I was once a gamer-girl of MMORPGs too!)

But yeah, turn them off or delete them, unless you have an awesome amount of control and will-power.

Doing this has greatly helped my productivity and focus. If it helps me, it probably would help you too.

  • Habit Calendar

This is also something I hope will get me through. Not only will it serve as a reminder of what I needed to do within the day, it also makes me feel accountable for the tasks listed there, and thus a sense of accomplishment as a reward every time it is ticked. Dopamine helps!

FaeFlutterby 10 Weeks Habit Mastery Challenge - Habit Calendar Photo
Feel free to print it out if you wish!

Start Smashing

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

— Zig Ziglar

Need I say more? Just start!

If you are ready to take on this challenge with me, just print out this picture above, list down the habits you want in your system, and follow them every damn day.

I am with you all the way!



Fae Flutterby - Satiate


Tender wings are fleeting softly

Behold, it does miracles and signs

With the sprite of her power, this fairy

Brought you from its arms to mine


I was blind then and you were numb

Still I was able to see your warmth

Both in Hades, we were succumbed

Didn’t stop you to sense my worth


Savoring the hues of the yellow sunshine

Though I’m frail gray with sorrow

Green with gladness, this tree of pine

Will it be here until tomorrow?


Here I am blushing and cold

I feel a pull to get entwined

About to give in but I was told

To hold back until a few full bottles of wine


Holiday seems like a new phase

Into our hearts blazing and burning

Lips not weary and sooner a place

Where you can keep me breathing


Blending voices singing boldly

Triumphant in rekindling a love

That’s lost for a whole lot of no glory

But united by fairies and the One above


A kiss to the paleness given in force

I intended to keep your heart and fly

Then we danced with no remorse

Underneath the dark velvet sky

Fae Flutterby My Fairy Godself


Grow up, little girl

Come, take my hand

Hold your head up high now

Show them you can fight


Dry up your tears, little one

Time to bid Teddy a kiss goodbye

Never cry on wounds on knees again

For you’re subject to greater pain


Near here, baby sweetheart

Let’s wash your dirty feet

You are to be a maiden

Now make them believe


Come here, wee darling

Don’t purse your lips tight

Stay strong, be brave

For in the future, you’ll be I



I initially booked this trip because I felt I needed to give myself a break from all the hustle and bustle of my daily routine.

As cliché as it may sound, I badly needed healing. So I tried to get lost all by myself in an unfamiliar setting in hopes of finding myself again.

If you do not know me, it is easy for me to get lost. I am bad at directions, and I tend to not remember a lot when it comes to places.

So this, indeed, is a big jump for me.

I’d like to walk you through what happened to me in Malaysia, and I have also included the money I spent for this trip, the schedule I created, and all its breakdowns for your reference.




I planned to stay three full days in Malaysia from Friday to Sunday. So I flew in from Manila to Kuala Lumpur on a Thursday night, and flew out from Kuala Lumpur to Manila on a Monday morning.

Being the freak that I am, I had to make sure everything is planned out.

In that sense, here is what I prepared beforehand.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Manila At Night
Manila From Above At Night

17 Fly Out – 8:50 PM to 12:45 AM

Manila International Airport

18 Friday Morning

Around Kuala Lumpur

18 Friday Afternoon

Bus To Penang

18 Friday Night

Butterworth AirBnB

19 Saturday Morning

Ferry To GeorgeTown

19 Saturday Morning & Afternoon

Around GeorgeTown / The Top Komtar

19 Saturday Night

GeorgeTown AirBnB

20 Sunday Morning

Around GeorgeTown Island

20 Sunday Afternoon

Grab Taxi To Penang

20 Sunday Night

Bus To Kuala Lumpur Airport

21 Fly In – 1:30 AM to 5:40 AM

Manila International Airport




Here’s the total amount I spent for the whole trip excluding the gas / transportation amount used going to and from the airport. If you may not know, I am coming from Pampanga, which is roughly 2-3 hours away from the Manila International Airport.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Malaysian Ringgit
Malaysian Moolah

Travel Tax

PHP 1,620


PHP 5,635.54


PHP 1,620.03


PHP 3,000


PHP 4,000


PHP 4,300


PHP 481.60


PHP 20,657.17




If you are not an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), it is mandatory to pay for this amount before leaving the country. Make sure you have this amount ready in the airport!



PHP 1,620


Actual Amount

PHP 1,620




For the airfare, I usually check several sites such as Philippine Airlines (, Air Asia (, FlyScoot (, and Cebu Pacific (

For this specific flight, I chose Cebu Pacific as they had the cheapest flights available that fall under the dates I was free and intended to go.



PHP 6,000


Actual Amount

CEB PAC – PHP 5,635.54


Here is the actual breakdown of the airfare for your reference.

  • Fly (Manila to Kuala Lumpur) – PHP 2,799.00
  • Fly (Kuala Lumpur to Manila) – PHP 2,836.54




AirBnb ( is my go-to site when finding a temporary home every time I go on trips or adventures. Not only it is cheap, it also provides value in a sense where functionality, cleanliness, and safety, for example, are carefully taken into consideration. It also has a wide range of choices for geographic purposes, depending on where you’re set to go.



PHP 2,000


Actual Amount

PHP 1,620.03


Here is the actual breakdown of the AirBnB accommodation prices for your reference.

  • (Butterworth) May 18 – PHP 736.33
  • (GeorgeTown) May 19 – PHP 883.70




I do not thoroughly remember the modes of transportation I used while in Malaysia, mostly because around Kuala Lumpur, the Go KL Bus was there, which was free, and it can really take you around most of Kuala Lumpur’s sights already, so that was really a relief for me!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Rapid KL Token
Rapid KL Token

So essentially, most of my transportation we’re in Penang, and they were either via Train, a Taxi, or Grab.

It is very possible that I might have gone over my budget for this by just a tad bit, because of the extra cabs I took when I was getting lost, and also because I wanted to experience KLIA Ekspres which is really expensive, but was worth the ride!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - KLIA Ekspres Ticket
Almost $14! 😱

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Fastest Way To Klia2
Indeed, it was the fastest.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - KLIA Ekspres Aisle
KLIA Ekspres Aisle

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - KLIA Ekspres Selfie
Desperate attempt for a selfie! 😂

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - KLIA Ekspres Interior
KLIA Ekspres Interiors + My Only Date

I had at least taken down notes on the transportation to and from getting to the places I needed to be in. That is the Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and then back.



PHP 3,000


Actual Amount

Roughly PHP 3,000


Here are some actual transportation prices in Malaysian Ringgit, for your reference.

  • Bus (KLIA2 to KL Sentral) – RM 12
  • Train (KL Sentral to KLCC) – RM 2.50
  • Bus (Merdeka Square to KL Sentral) – RM 1
  • Train (KL Sentral to BTS/TBS) – RM 6.50
  • KKKL Bus (BTS/TBS to Penang Sentral) – RM 35.40
  • Taxi (Penang Sentral to Taman Pandan Butterworth) – RM 20
  • Bus (Taman Pandan Butterworth to Penang Sentral) – RM 10
  • Ferry (Penang Sentral to GeorgeTown Island) – RM 1.20
  • Grab (GeorgeTown Island to Penang Sentral) – NO IDEA
  • Bus (Penang Sentral to KLCC) – RM 40
  • KLIA Ekspres (KLCC to KLIA2) – RM 55




I am just going to note some of the restaurants I ate in as I didn’t have the time to actually list down everything and everywhere I have gulped down food in one sitting, moreover mind about their prices.

*cough* Gluttony! *cough*

I have gone over my food spending for sure, but it shouldn’t be too far away from the budget I had in mind.

A very generous serving of breakfast, for example, is around RM 12.50. This is already comprised of a piece of Rolled Coconut Bread, a serving of Hokkien Mee, and a choice of either Nasi Kandar, Tom Yum, or Nasi Lemak, partnered with Coffee or Kopi and Iced Tea or Teh Ais / Teh Peng / Teh Tarik as it is fondly called, depending on which part of Malaysia you’re in.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Fried Oyster Omelette (Or Luak Or Chien) & Teh AisTeh Tarik
Fried Oyster Omelette (Or Luak / Or Chien) & Iced Milk Tea (Teh Ais / Teh Tarik)

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Pelita Nais Kandar
Pelita’s Nasi Kandar

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - NZ Curry
NZ Curry. I had two orders of this, because, why not!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Malaysian Stir-Fried Noodles With Shrimp (Char Kway Teow)
Stir-Fried Noodles With Shrimp (Char Kway Teow)

Drinks range from RM 2.25 to RM 4.50. So it is very feasible to really get a taste of Malaysia’s wide variety of food, even on a budget!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Fresh Coconut
Fresh Coconut! A spoon is given so you can scoop in the meat!

Cendol, for instance, is something I suggest you shouldn’t miss.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Ais Kacang & Cendol
Cendol & Ais Kacang



PHP 3,000


Actual Amount

Roughly 4,000


Here are some actual food prices in Malaysian Ringgit, for your reference.

  • Boost Juice (KLIA2) – RM 13
  • The Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie (KLIA2) – RM 11.20
  • NZ Curry (KLIA2) – RM 13
  • Potterhead Malaysia (GeorgeTown) – RM 36
  • Coco Cabana (The Top Penang) – RM 76.80
  • Pelita (Penang) – RM 23.50
  • Cendol – RM 6
  • Ais Kacang – RM 5
  • Durian Ice Cream – RM 5
  • Coconut – RM 8
  • Bean Curd – RM 2.50




Booking for activities was made easier by Klook (, thankfully! Before I head anywhere else, I always browse on Klook just to see if they have activities to my liking, that are usually lower than the price itself if you go directly to the place and pay there, which is why I love Klook. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s cheap. Just a few taps from the app is all it takes!

I was even able to buy a SIM Card which is already 4G activated so I was connected all throughout my Malaysia stay! It only costed me PHP 400, and I didn’t even have to spend more for load as it was already pre-loaded!

I didn’t know what my budget is for this because it usually depends on what I like. It can vary.





Actual Amount

Roughly PHP 4,300


Here are some actual Klook activity prices for your reference.

  • (Maxis) SIM Card – PHP 400
  • Kuala Lumpur Tower – PHP 1,221
  • The Top Komtar Penang (WT + AA for Foreigner) – PHP 2,396

Here is an actual local activity price for your reference.

  • Rent A Bike Around GerogeTown – RM 20





Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is an epitome and representation of Asia as a whole and in totality, in my opinion, at least. I was taken by surprise by how diverse the people are in here – Malays, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, and et cetera.

Needless to say, of course, how the culture is softly mixed and varied where you can still tell which came from who. I made sure I immersed in it in all ways I could to fully utilize the experience. Indeed, Malaysia is #TrulyAsia.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Petronas Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Central Market
Central Market

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Kuala Lumpur Tower
Menara Kuala Lumpur

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - I Love KL
Who doesn’t love KL? ❤️

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Bukit Bintang Mall Entrance

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Central Market Store
A shop in Central Market

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Kuala Lumpur Gallery
Kuala Lumpur Gallery

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Petronas Twin Tower Ceiling
Petronas Twin Towers Interior Ceiling

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Kasturi Walk
Kasturi Walk near Central Market



The feel of Penang is that of a home town you grew up in and haven’t been in, in the longest time. It’s warm and welcoming with a spike of vintage hues. It makes me reminisce of my own hometown in the afternoons with children playing on the sidewalks, love songs echoing from the radios, an old man sweeping fallen leaves, birds chirping happily, the sun setting on pink skies, and the faint chattering of the neighborhood.

What way to better describe it? Ah! An awakened forgotten familiar feeling where all your memories just rush in, and you’re unable to contain the happiness and sadness of it all.

It is that of when I was bicycling around GeorgeTown where I felt as though I was taken back to my childhood. Glancing low on my shoulder is comfort. I was pedaling hard but I am at ease that I am looked out for. That, to me, is Penang.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Penang Sentral
Penang Sentral

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Jalan Kek Chuan
Fixing my get-up with a wedding dress behind me in the colorful streets of Jalan Kek Chuan.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Lebuh Buckingham Tower
Caught a glimpse of this beautiful tower as I was biking around Penang, and since I couldn’t help it, I made sure to stop by and take a capture.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - I Love Penang
Do you?

The Top Komtar

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - The Top Penang Rainbow Skywalk
The face of nervousness and excitement rolled into one!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - The Top Komtar Penang Rainbow SKywalk
I have to brag. I captured this exactly while a lightning struck at night, as it showcased the entirety of the GeorgeTown Island, from the 68th floor of the The Top Komtar Penang, where I skywalked 817 feet above the ground, and saw everything beneath me because of the glass transparent floor.

GeorgeTown Street Arts

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - The Nine Shophouses Mural
The Nine Shophouses Mural

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Couple On A Bicycle
I didn’t have to look for my favorite street art in GeorgeTown, it stumbled before me and found me first. This is in Lebuh Keng Kwee, a street art called ‘Couple On A Bicycle’ by Caryn Koh.

Potterhead Malaysia

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Potterhead Malaysia ButterBeer
Exactly how I imagined Butterbeers to taste like.

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Potterhead Malaysia Not Slytherin
Not Slytherin! Not Slytherin!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Potterhead Malaysia Gryffindor Quidditch
Ready for a Quidditch Match with this Nimbus 2000!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Potterhead Malaysia Veritaserum

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Potterhead Malaysia Polyjuice Potion
Polyjuice Potion

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - Potterhead Malaysia Witch Hat
Witch Vibes

Coco Cabana

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - The Top Penang Coco Cabana
This cozy cafe is a gem!

Fae Flutterby - Malaysia Budget & Itinerary_ Kuala Lumpur & Penang - The Top Penang Coco Cabana Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake & Watermelon Shake, anyone?


For more sights to see around Kuala Lumpur and Penang, I have compiled all my captures in a vlog which you can watch below.




Here’s a short vlog about my Malaysia voyage! Enjoy!





In the Philippines, it’s a norm for you to take home some token, memento, keepsake, or souvenir (However you want to call it!) as courtesy to the people you left from when you have gone to another place and back.

Usually, it’s that place’s specialty – perhaps a mug, a shirt, a tote bag, a postcard, a keychain, some food, or whatever else you can think of. Be creative!

I’m not the type to really bring home any of these at all, and you may call me stingy if you must. I am very practical and if I feel there is not a need to, I wouldn’t buy any.

Nevertheless, I brought home some fridge magnets, because YOLO!

I felt like this was a rip off though because I bought them from malls where prices were obviously overrated. When I saw them in the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, they were like RM 5.00 for a set! Hah! Charge it to experience! I know better next time!

I obviously went over my budget on this one, but as I said, YOLO!



PHP 300


Actual Amount

PHP 481.60


Here are the actual prices in Malaysian Ringgit, for your reference.

  • Fridge Magnet (2) – RM 21.70
  • Fridge Magnet (3) – RM 12.70




I thought in the beginning that this post will just be full of malarkey because this is only supposed to be a non-sense talk of my exploration in Malaysia, but be my guest and you be the judge. Here are my takeaways from this trip.

  • I figured I’m not really afraid of a lot of things. I thought I had too many fears I didn’t know I wasn’t really scared of.

Being alone, for example – I learned I actually like being alone, as opposed to what I used to think before that it was one of the things I fear the most.

Being in an unfamiliar place – I realized that the familiar places, in reality, were once unfamiliar places to me too. The same goes with faces and the company of the people who come in and out of my life.

Being uncertain of directions – I reckoned you can only get lost for a certain period of time. You can be found. You will be found.

Being afraid of heights – I found out that I was made to soar in the skies – and being there above – brings me unimaginable comfort I never once felt in my life.

Those were just some of what I have conquered for this trip alone! Thank you, Malaysia!

  • I also recognized that people are good, no matter how stern they portray. Although some are really going to take advantage whenever they can, so be cautious. Or some, have, in fact, just been caught in a certain circumstance. Still, I choose to believe that people are naturally good.
  • And then I found out that I, as opposed to what I used to believe, am kind. But that I have limits.
  • I have also understood independence – from making these itineraries, to asking questions, to finding my way by myself, to relying on my own strength and prowess, and to comprehending that I am by all means and not in any way short of being complete – I was freed. And I found myself.

The trip has served its purpose.




All in all, I spent a little more than PHP 20,000 for this holiday.

Before I left, I did have a lot of ideas and thoughts about me where I recently grasped that I have wrongly accused myself.

And I have learned so much things I know I will never be able to learn while sitting in front of my computer, nor scrolling behind my phone screen.

I have gotten to know myself better.

And those can never be replaced by no matter how much amount of money I spend on these journeys.

And I am positive I will do it again, soon! Yay!










This is a shit post. Now it is up to you if you’d still want to go further, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

I am contemplating about how I can break it to you gently, and then rudely burst your bubble afterwards. Because there is no easy and step-by-step way as to how.

Hate to say it, but you will feel miserable most days. That’s a given.

“So, how do you get over a heartbreak? Honestly, you can’t…”

Alright, you can stop reading now since you just got the answer you’re looking for.

“Rrrrr. Click bait!” I hear you say.

Nonetheless, there are things you can do to soften the blow. And if you’re still up for it, I’ve written them down below.


The Experience

They say there is no other way around, and there is no way out. In the same way people travel for the experience, consider this another journey. Your journey to healing. You have to feel the pain. Only by then can you differentiate agony from comfort, and loneliness from happiness.

The Solitude

Do not be afraid of being alone. Although usually when being alone is when you feel the deepest seethe of pain, let it be. Do not be afraid of yourself. Accept yourself. Accept what you feel. Accept the ache – your ache. Accept your situation. Accept that what you are going through is something that will make you as a person in the future when you look back to it in time. Giving yourself time alone will allow you to get to know yourself better no matter how odd that may sound.

The Chores

Make yourself busy. Keep yourself preoccupied. There are tons of things you can do, just look around. The bedsheets and the curtains – how long has it been since they were last changed? Is your kitchen sink dish-free? Can your toilet and bath use some cleaning? Is your laundry basket already complaining?

The Make-Over

Be the person you want to date – or so they say. Get a haircut. Choose a career. Read books. Go to the gym. Travel. Get a degree. Converse. Pursue your dreams. You just freed yourself from something that might have held you back in a while. Now is the time to do the things you have always wanted to do.

The Diversion

No, you don’t need more tequilas and vodkas. Although you can divert to a whole lot of other things, be careful about the kind of diversion you choose to lay your focus on. There are tons and countless of diversions you can choose to fill in the gap and the absence you’re currently undergoing. Just make sure that it helps make you, and not break you further, as a person.

The List

List down all the reasons as to why the relationship did not work out in the first place. And then list down all the reasons why you are better off not being in that relationship at all. List down all the reasons why you can make it out of this relationship alive, no matter how much it feels otherwise – for now. Carry this list with you and read it back, aloud, if you should, whenever you feel the ‘feeling’. You know what I am talking about for sure.

The Adage

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

Can’t throw away the things that remind you of the person who broke your heart? Keep it somewhere where you can’t see it. The same goes for all the pictures within your relationship. You do not necessarily have to burn them off, erase them, or throw them away – depending on what you feel will help you. Because after all, all those are memories that were undeniably once a part of your life.

The Friends

Where are your friends at this point in time? You can use some support system. Gather them all out!

The Routine

Get yourself on a routine, even on the weekends. If you must, jot down all the things you must do within the day from when you wake up to when you get back to sleep. This will not only help you get into a routine, it will also help you accomplish little victories which are very rewarding and are highly beneficial for anyone’s well-being.

Now if I may just continue what I was saying earlier before you rolled your eyes on me…

“So, how do you get over a heartbreak? Honestly, you can’t. In a nutshell, you do not get OVER a heartbreak. You get THROUGH it.”


Now, do me a favor and remind me to re-read this whole article when my judgment is cloudy, and the days are a bit draggy.

We’re in this together.








(A Name Poetry)

Every time I put you down,
Very painfully misunderstood
Embrace it you did, with a small frown
Like no other person would

You wait patiently on my closed doors
Neither a trace, nor clue, nor sound
Silent are you with the outpour
Of deep sadness I had for you found

Regretful then will I be
In all these days and years left
At the countless times that rather we
Nicely put on a show of emotion theft

One day I will just lose you
But I sure do hope I won’t
After all we can always start anew
Remember what to do and don’t

Reminiscing from when I was in your womb
Entailed in my childhood glory
Doubting not, until whose tomb
Our mother and daughter story



Happy birthday, Ma! You are loved.