It’s been such a long time since I really sat down to write something real time in here and give you guys some life updates.

Today is another ordinary day for me.

I had a sudden fear that this may be my last birthday, for some odd reason.

I let myself become available for most of the day for all the people who reached out to me to send their greetings. I sent them back my heartfelt thanks for remembering me on my day.

I also made sure I was productive. There were a lot of things I accomplished today. I am preparing for an idea that sparked my mind the past few days and was working diligently on it. It is one of my passions. And I know I have given you a glimpse of it in my Instagram stories. But I cannot wait for it to materialize right before my very eyes!

And then I did a few house chores. I just couldn’t be arsed as much to do a lot today, but as they say, focus on the little things, right?

Oh! And I joined TikTok! I don’t know why I did. Hahaha! I have always sworn that I would never join the bandwagon, but I guess I sometimes I have to get to know the trends. I also felt the need to learn TikTok so when the need for it arises, and a client asks me to manage theirs, I know my way around. So you can just imagine how I was groping my way through to try and get to post something earlier. I was amazed. It is highly technical than most of the platforms I am used to. Hah! Change indeed, is the only permanent thing.

I also told my parents that I know it also is a special day for them. Because this is the exact same day they had me, years ago. I thanked them for having me, for everything they’ve done, and for everything they’re continuously doing for my sake from then until now. I told them I loved them too, and that I am thankful to God.

I leveled up again today. Woo!

Although penniless and probably would not be able to celebrate it the way other people do, and though I am feeling empty, and running low on many factors, I still am beyond grateful nevertheless. I may have nothing right now. But ironically, at the same time, I have everything.

I’m greatly blessed, highly favoured, deeply loved.

How can I say that? Read as follows.

I AM HEALTHY. – I don’t feel any physical pain. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t even walk. But now I can even work out and dance.

I HAVE A SHELTER. – I recently bought a small unit just right beside my parents’ house, and I had it renovated over the past months, and now I have something I can call my own. I am finally home. What do you reckon about me blogging it in the future?

I AM LOVED. – I have a strong support system. I have my family who understand my situation better than I sometimes do. I have my friends who wholeheartedly support me no matter what decisions I take. I have my parents who accept me for who and what I am. I have my clients and colleagues who treat me like I belong.

I AM STRONG. – I have the courage to leave when respect isn’t served on the table anymore, no matter how painful it is for me.

I may have nothing in my hands right now, but my peace and healing are on their way. I could never complain. God has plans. And I am going to let go, to let God.

And I hope I can let it remain this way…




“Happy birthday, Fae. You’ve made it this far. I am proud of you.”




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