Sometimes, I get into thinking – what if my eyesight is taken away tomorrow, what will all these pastel surroundings I built myself through the years mean? Nothing, right?

They’re just lighter shades and versions of colours which are a lot more pleasing in the eye (In my humble opinion, of course, because of their subtlety), but in reality, they do not really matter in the long run.

The same goes in life. Yes, the title is taken from the idiom “Rose-Coloured Glasses” where it means one being able to see (and live) life in a rather positive vibe. And pastels for me have been a symbol of pure joy. If I see pastels, I can’t help but feel happiness. Hence, my Instagram feed. Hence, my wardrobe. Hence, my house. Living life in pastel-coloured glasses, for me, pretty much means the same. – just that I take the inspiration from seeing and breathing pastels around me.

God has been surrounding me with so many people today. I could feel how He is making a way for these people to give me as much attention and solemnity. He has made my support system really strong – my friends, they’re backing me up with so much motivation and inspiration and this helps so much to keep me going. I got to hang with my brother, have seen my sister, share laughters with my parents, and got to play with the little ones in the house. I have my coaches, I have my job and my colleague who make me feel like a family, and I have several good communities to keep me pumped up and aligned with my goals.

I’m taking better care of myself. I am working hard. I am living in the best way I know how.

And I don’t see any better definition of living a life in pastel-coloured glasses, than this.


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