More often than not, we do things because we either need to do them or that we want to do them. Sometimes, they do not really serve a purpose. We do things, just because.

I’ve always been in deep reflection lately, although it may not seem so much like it, but I have honestly been contemplating about myself a lot. I observe not only my actions, but also my emotions. I observe the ripple effect of such, and the chain reaction it compounds into.

You probably have heard about all the habits I’ve been building for myself – or the endless trial and failure thereof. And these factors are what made me write this blog.

I thought and asked myself: “If I do everything I do so I can heal myself, will it serve me better?”

You see, (and I tend to believe so) that there is always something in us that needs healing. The world allows a substantial amount of damage to be done to us for a lot of good reasons – to learn, to be stronger, to forgive, to be better, and an ad infinitum of other reasons I can’t put down into writing anymore. In your workplace, within your circle of friends, amongst your family members, whether we like it or not, it manifests. Oftentimes, to a point where we wonder why those who play a big part in our lives are the same ones who strike critical damage to us. How much more the damages we receive from people who are not on our side, right?

The point is, we all have to heal from something.

Hence, I changed my perspective. I figured that if I switch everything I do with the purpose of thoroughly healing myself, then it probably would do wonders.

And if we were to jump into to the conclusion of this whole blog post per se, I’d say: “Yes. It did.”

The question is how. Let me show you the ways.


Usually, the goal as to why we eat is to satiate ourselves. We want to feel full because we’re hungry. We find certain tastes to satisfy our cravings. We want to eat for our heart’s content. And sometimes, we even eat to process our feelings! Don’t we all? #StressEating

If we could, we’d even go as far as visiting the most sought after restaurants out there. 5-Star Michelin Restaurants? Muy bien! However, I thought about eating to heal myself. That means, carefully choosing what I intake, and that the reason I would want to eat them, is that they could heal me. It’s not actually about classifying good foods away from bad ones. It is more of a personal preference as to which foods I feel will add up to me, what will do me good, what will make me feel better, and what will heal me in the long run. I eat to heal.


Sounds kind of contradicting when fitness experts say we workout to tear down muscles, right? Right. But then we rebuild them afterwards. Yes? Indeed. That in its sense is the beauty of healing.

Before, I’d workout for the mere purpose of losing weight, or toning my body, or being fit. But when I started telling myself that I am exercising to heal myself, it suddenly gave me a different whiff towards it. A change of heart if you may. Lifitng is to care and look after my muscle fibers. Cardio is to care and look after my heart. And the whole process benefits my soul. I workout to heal.


You probably didn’t expect this to be here, did you? But allow me to explain myself for a quick bit. I used to be a gamer back in my younger days. And not the phone type kind of games. A real gamer who plays MMORPG. It came to a point where I told myself I’m gonna quit all the gaming and use my hours instead for other productive things. So I deleted all of them out of my system.

But recently, I have gone back to gaming. I never thought that at one point, I would need to do gaming again as a source of recreation. I’ve always thought that it would only be a waste of time. But no. Gaming allows me to take my mind off things. It allows me to go into a virtual world and succumb myself into virtual realities away from my own. It helps me relax and to re-focus on the things in the real world. I keep it minimal this time though, and it’s just for leisure. Hence, I game to heal.


“The more I know, the more I don’t know.” I like this adage. The more I consume books, the more I learn things, the more I get to realize that I don’t really know that much – that what I only know is a small fraction of what is out there.

I have recently reinstated this in my list of habits. You see, technology took over us and information is just overflowing everywhere. You can easily research something with a few finger taps. But since I am an old soul, I have this wild inclination to books. The way they smell. The texture of the papers. The adorable fonts used. The way the chapters are laid out. I’ve realized, I’m a person who loves books. I’ve always read as a kid. You’d always see me bringing a book with me. It makes my soul happy to be reading the old-fashioned way. Not through gadgets. Not through technology. It makes my soul happy. It heals my soul. I read books to heal.


Even the smells I surround myself with, I changed. Have you ever a encountered a point in time when you smelt something and it brings you back memories? Or how it would remind you of a certain person? Or have you noticed how certain smells can make you feel things? Sometimes it moves you to be sad, or joyful, or excited, or hopeful even. Or at times, it can even make you dizzy!

My sense of smell has always leaned to light, subtle, and calming fragrances. The smell of the sea. The aromatherapy brought on by massage lotions everytime you visit the spa. The sophisticated fragrances of perfumery. The after-shower musk. The fresh scent of gentle breeze blowing by.

Recently, I have invested in buying soy candles and humidifiers and essential oils so I can set the mood for my mornings and evenings. I smell to heal.


To most of us, we don’t really want what we do for work but we all need to get by so we stay. To some, coming in to work is also burdensome. At times, I also feel this way. In fact, I have felt this way a lot in the past. However, when I switched into thinking that I work so I can heal my finances, my work became more like a blessing than something I need to do because I need to survive.

Also, knowing what your role is in your job kind of changes the perspective. What do you do for work? What is the essence of your work? Knowing what your work does for people and how you are helping them plays a major role in shifting your viewpoint towards work.

I work to help people. I work to pay my bills. I work to support my company’s goals. I work to earn money. I work to reach my own goals. I work to sustain myself. I work to heal.


Go out with friends. Spend quality time with family. Replenish yourself of the social interaction your soul craves for.

In all honesty, I have never thought that at this day and age I still will have friends. I have been very choosy of the people I let in my circle ever since I was young. I was never really a part of a big group. I am very selective. But recently I have found a group of friends where my sense of belongingness was fulfilled. And it feels – amazing. People from all walks of life, have very different dispositions in life, but we all come together for a common denominator.

The same goes for my family. I figured I don’t have as much time to be spending with them as life is short. And I am exerting as much effort as I could to spend quality time with them, and tick out bucket lists with them while I have the time.

When I finally said yes to the right people I should be spending time with, there comes my healing.

I needed friends. I needed my family. I needed to belong. I spend time with people to heal.


I wouldn’t tag myself as somebody who watches a lot of television or movies. I mean I do from time to time but not to a point where it eats up all my leisure time. And when I do, I do it to heal.

A lot of observances can be done while watching. Places you can’t personally go to due to limitations, people you really don’t know but only see either on social media or any platforms – animals and their habitats, people’s performances and their passions, books being recreated in the movies, and a whole bunch of other things the entertainment industry has supplied us with.

When I watch, I make sure I learn. Humility. Kindness. Tact. Modesty. Professionalism. These are just some of the things I have been learning and have opened my eyes to in watching the things I watch. And I watch to heal.


In all aspects and variables offered to us by life, I strive to become better. Loving yourself is hard. It requires thorough understanding, getting to know yourself on a deeper level, choosing which habits should stick, reinventing yourself, and a ton of other things.

I fondly call it ‘relationself’.

I want to see myself at 100% potential. “What can I really offer this world?” is just but one of the questions I ask myself. Or, “What has the world in store for me out there?” is another subliminal query.

I always make sure to show up for myself. Even when days are hard. Because, I improve myself to heal.

These are just some of what I felt has helped me when I shifted my approach towards the things I do and why I do them. When I established that healing was one of my core reasons, I have compounded every benefit to get out of it.





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