(A Name Poetry / Written today, Friday, September 9, 2022, 9:26 AM)

Remember when I was younger when we would always play in the rain?

Or all the arguments we had when I grew up that caused us both so much pain?

But if everything flashes back to me from the beginning and from the very start

Every single little piece of memory of us, I all hold dear to my heart

Right from the get-go, we’ve always had this special bond

Thankful to have a father I look up to, in this lifetime and beyond 

Maybe you’re also happy to have found a rather odd daughter in me

Everybody can’t be a father, but you easily did, like it was your cup of tea

Not once have I ever imagined living a life without you and your love

Doubt I’d ever be who I am now if it weren’t for you and the One above

On days I feel weary, on days I struggle, on days I’m alone, on days I feel blue

Zoning out and zoning in, you’re always there available in my rescue

At times, I wonder how much older you’ve grown from the father I used to know

But isn’t life simply like that? It has always been fast and never slow

A blink of an eye, a sigh of a breath, a beat of a heart – they’re all a moment gone

Rather dwell on those, you showed me how you’re still here when all is said and done

Reality is that you walked alongside me from the moment I was deemed alive

Even when you had me at 33 in ’88 because you were born in ’55

Do I maybe break your heart still at this day and age and over and over?

Of course this I know, but my heart sure hopes all will be well when I see you up yonder

I’m thankful to God for your every waking moment, Papa, that we still get to see this day, and I always have a chance to spend these said moments with you. You may not know this but if I’ll ever live my life again, I’ll always choose you as my father. Happy birthday, Papa. 🥂 Here’s my simple #NamePoetry for you. (The beginning letters in bold spell out your entire name. Hihihi!)


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